Roswell Fine Arts League and Miniature Arts Society
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We are getting a new webmaster with new ideas,

and a lot more knowledge in creating Web sites.  She is

making some much needed updates on our site. 

Barbara will do a very good job. 

I have enjoyed trying to get this site up and going with

just trial and error on  my side.  I will miss it a lot, I 

wish I could have done more.        Elaine French


The Roswell Fine Art League / New Mexico

 Miniature Arts Society RFAL/NMMAS)

is a Roswell, NM based non-profit

organization.  The purpose of this

organazation is to futher educate and

broaden the artists's abilities.  To provide

the artist with the opportunity to exhibit

his/her work, and to promote the public's

appreciation of the visual arts. The RFAL

was organized in 1981 and the NMMAS was

added as part of the organization in 1988.

Although the organization is based in

Roswell, the group includes members from

numerous parts of the United States

and some overseas locations.  The current

member ship exceeds 100 artists.

In order to meet the organizational goals,

the league conducts a monthly membership

meeting on the second Monday of each

month at the Roswell Adult Center  at 807 N.

Missouri Ave.  The meetings begin

at 7:00 pm and typically include a guest

presentation. members can parcipate

by showing their art in the "show and tell"

session of the meeting. Other activities

sponsored by the league include a member's

co-op gallelry located at 223 North Main St.

in Roswell.  This project was begun in 1998

and has been very popular.  The Gallery

project has sold more thank $237,000 worth

of participating member's art through

December of 2009. Additionally, the league

sponsors an annual national competion and

show. This show has grown over the years

and has become one of the major art events

of the year in Roswell. The league also  

sponsors an Art in Business project

that provide opportunity for artists to exhibit

their art in business establishments and

offices in Roswell. Members are provided

with a monthly newsletter which highlights

all activities for the month and projects

comming events.



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Pat Laube    President 


Shirley Mae Taylor Vice President


Pat Hittle treasurer


Donna Cadena Newsletter

Barbara Posuniak-Web Site


The Gallery-575-625-5263